About Sudzy Salmon

First Class Experience with an Alaskan Touch

Value Statement

At Sudzy Salmon, we provide a first-class car wash experience with an Alaskan touch. Our dedication to excellence sets the standard of convenience and consistency for exterior express car washes in Alaska. We designed our car wash experience from the ground up with you in mind. Faster, cleaner, more fun: that's the Sudzy way.

We are proud to be locally and veteran owned and operated.


Please be aware and understand that Sudzy Salmon cannot be held responsible or liable for any pre-existing condition of your vehicle, or any non-factory items and non-OEM parts (i.e. aftermarket accessories or lowered vehicle), or damage occurring during wash due to wear and tear of the vehicle or by nature. Sudzy Salmon cannot be held liable for any damage due to certain conditions including, but not limited to: pre-existing damage, alarm systems, oxidized or bad paint, loose moldings (any and all), windshields, windshield wipers, bug shields (as they age and crack), rear view mirrors with weak glue, antennas, batteries, any and all engine issues after cleaning, cloth or vinyl convertible tops.

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