Yes, you can still visit Sudzy Salmon to get your vehicle sparkling clean (we’re open with Social Distancing protocol in effect), but maybe it’s the interior that could use a makeover.

Since we’re all spending more time at home these days—and maybe cleaning a bit more than usual—why not turn your attention to your car? Your Alaskan vehicle could probably use a spruce inside, so we’ve rounded up our best tips for detailing your car interior at home.

Get into the corners

You don’t need many special tools to detail your car’s interior— wooden skewers and cotton swabs can work wonders! Even toothbrushes and old makeup brushes can do the trick when it comes to dusting and cleaning out vents. Use these to get into those hard-to-reach corners of your car’s interior, cleaning seams, buttons, switches, and even cup holders.

Use the right cleaning products

Don’t use just any cleaning products to polish those seats! In fact, if you have leather seats, using a solution not made specifically for leather could strip the seats of their oils and leave them looking worse than before! Pay attention to the type of solutions you’re using on car fabrics, especially non-cloth materials!

Clean interior windows

We’ll get your car’s exterior windows clean and clear, but don’t forget about the inside! Spray glass cleaner on the insides of the windows and use a microfiber cloth to wipe them clean.

Tip: Use back-and-forth horizontal motions to dry them, not circular motions.

Use a deodorizer

We’ve done a whole blog post on car odors and how to remove them, but it never hurts to remember to deodorize! The best way is to spray a deodorizer onto the headliner, seats, dashboard, and carpeting from at least 12 inches away so as not to completely saturate these surfaces.

You can also spray deodorizer into the A/C intake inside your vehicle, followed by turning on the A/C to its max setting, and letting the deodorizer circulate within the vehicle. Afterward, allow your car to sit with the windows up for at least an hour.

Hose down floor mats

After using a good scrub brush to remove the dirt and grime from your floor mats, give the mats a strong spray of water from your garden hose. Allow them to air dry completely before placing back into the vehicle.

These tips should help your vehicle’s interior look its best, and as always, we’d love to see you at the wash!

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