Movers and Shakers

Meet the movers and shakers that make the car wash magic happen!

The Badass Award

This trophy is a company-wide award. The name says it all. Team members are nominated by their site manager each quarter.

This Quarter's Winners

Bradyn Chatterton "5 Years of Awesome"


This trophy is awarded to the team that washes the most cars without a rewash each quarter. They exhibit one of Sudzy Salmon’s core slogans: Faster, Cleaner, More Fun! Every member ofthe team is also awarded the Hogger badge for the quarter, featured in the corner of each image.

Eagle River Hogger Award

This team washed 98 cars

Site manager: Shane
Shift captain: Gage
Loader: Jadyn
Prep: Houston, Tanner, Emily

Palmer Hogger Award

This team washed 64 cars

Site manager: Lexi
Shift captain: Cole
Loader: Dazh
Prep: Porter, Jadyn, Kaleb

Wasilla Hogger Award

This team washed 69 cars

Site manager: Chloe
Shift captain: Derek
Loader: Emily
Prep: Star, Zane, Kali, Maddex

Sudzy Salmon

Leadership teams

A leadership team member is goal-oriented, committed to self-development, people-focused, outward-thinking, and always goes the extra mile.

Why the Spawned Stamp?
The original spawned idea came when we “spawned” our second location. As the company grew, it morphed to spawn new ideas, and develop leaders. Check out our spawned leaders below.

Palmer Leadership Team

From left to right: Hunter, Kyle site manager, Ronan

Eagle River Leadership Team

From left to right: Jadyn, Michael, and Site Manager Kylee

Wasilla Leadership Team

From left to right: Cade Cappel (SME-F), Kylee Griffin (SME-T), Shane Robb (Site Manager), Nena Trout (SME-T)