If you’ve already brought your furry friend to visit one of our self-serve dog wash stations at Sudzy Salmon, or simply love to bring your pooch along wherever you go, you know that removing the pet hair from your vehicle will be the next task on your list. Depending on the type of dog you have, you could get lucky with a few rogue hairs on your seats or every surface of your car’s interior may start to feel like it has newfound hairy coating.

Regardless, there are several ways you can go about removing pet hair from your car—not just by vacuum—and we’ve listed a few of them for you below!


This is likely your go-to method for removing pet hair and, in most cases, it will work the most efficiently. You can try this at the car wash, but it may be best to invest in a handheld vacuum that can really get into those hard to reach nooks and crannies in your vehicle.


You may not have thought of going this route, but velcro can work wonders for removing pet hair from your car! If you have a set of velcro rollers at home, grab one and run it over the carpeting of your vehicle. You can also do this on your car’s upholstery, but it’s best to test it in a smaller spot first to make sure it won’t snag the fabric.

Rubber Glove

Yes, now your home cleaning gloves can do double duty! Put on a pair of dry rubber gloves and run your hand over the carpeting and seats of your car’s interior, making sure to move your hand in only one direction. If this doesn’t work as well as you were expecting, you can wet the glove and try again. This will help the hair to stick together and may come off easier.


In the same way that an inflated balloon will make your hair stand on end, the static electricity it creates will pick up any loose hair that may be hanging around your car. This method works best for loose pet hair, so you may want to choose another option for removing hair that is embedded in your car’s upholstery.

Duct Tape

Think of this as a makeshift lint roller for removing pet hair from your Alaskan vehicle. Duct tape, and even packing tape, can be effective for removing those pesky pet hairs stuck in your vehicle’s fabric. Start by winding the tape around your hand with the adhesive side out and then press it firmly into the car’s fabric.

Dryer Sheets

This trick works overtime as a fresh, clean dryer sheet not only picks up pet hair and dust, but also makes your car smell great! Simply run a dryer sheet over the interior of your car— every surface from dash to seat.

We love seeing all of you and your pets at our dog wash stations and hope to see you again in this new year! Just keep these pet hair removal ideas in mind so you can clean your car’s interior when all is said and done!

See you at the wash!

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