No matter how long you’ve owned a car in Alaska, you’ve likely heard the theory that touchless car washes are better for your car as they avoid scratching or “swirling” the paint. However, that is just not the case! Here at Sudzy Salmon—a hybrid tunnel car wash—we are ready to put the myth to rest that touchless car washes are better for your car. In fact, Mercedes states right in their car care manual to “never clean your vehicle in a touchless automatic car wash as these use special cleaning agents. These cleaning agents can damage the paintwork or plastic parts.”

Below are a few key differences between hybrid tunnel car washes and touchless automatic car washes in Alaska:


  • We use less harmful products.
  • Does a better job of cleaning your car without the worry of damaging your paint job over time.
  • More environmentally-friendly than touchless washes— we use a water reclaim and conservation system.
  • Our longer tunnel can accommodate more cars and provides faster wash times, taking up less of your day.


  • Mechanical action of cleaning is removed.
  • Tend to use harsher chemicals, typically hydrofluoric acid, to make up for non-mechanical action. This is actually worse for your paint job over time.
  • Longer dwell time of chemicals sitting on your vehicle.

Come give us a try at Sudzy Salmon in Eagle River! We even have a Clean Car Guarantee— If you notice any suds left on your car or we missed a spot, we will gladly wash it again!

See you at the wash!

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