We’ve all done it— grabbed a bucket, a sponge, and the garden hose and set off to scrub down the vehicle in the driveway. It seems efficient enough, especially if you’re getting the kids involved, but how does the at-home car wash stack up to a real car wash when it comes to saving water? While you may be saving money by tackling the job yourself, your garden hose doesn’t have the same pressure as a car wash and during the final rinse, you could be using anywhere from 50 to 100 gallons of water in a very short amount of time.

Below are four reasons to clean your vehicle at a car wash as opposed to at home— for the sake of saving water!

Targeted Equipment
When you run through the car wash, you will notice that the equipment used is targeted to specific areas of your vehicle to ensure a proper cleaning without wasting too much water. For instance, there may be an underbody wash or streams that aim at the body of your vehicle. When you wash your car at home, you will ultimately use more water attempting to get to these spots with a standard hose.

Better Solutions
Washing your car at home typically involves using a solution you purchased and mixing it in a bucket of water before you apply it to your vehicle. It may indeed rid your car of dirt and bugs at first glance, but will take much more effort to get that token car wash clean. Car washes use better cleaning solutions—Sudzy Salmon uses Turtle Wax products—that help to clean your car more effectively in a shorter time frame and because the formula is right, they require less water to clean well.

High Pressure
As we mentioned above, your garden hose just does not have the same pressure that car wash systems provide. When you take a trip through our car wash tunnel, you will note the high pressure used to clean off dirt, bugs, and grime. Because of the pressure applied, we are able to use less water.

Environmentally Friendly
While different solutions are used in a car wash than in your driveway, it is better for the environment to collect the suds in a car wash than allowing them to run off into the grass, the sidewalk, or into storm drains. When a car wash is completed, the wash’s drain will collect the used water—most of it reclaimed—as opposed to letting it travel into other environmentally unsafe areas.

There are many myths surrounding car washes and as your local wash in Eagle River, you can count on Sudzy Salmon to set them straight— including whether it’s better to pick up your trusty bucket and sponge!

We’ll see you at the wash!

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