In past blogs, we’ve shared various ways to keep your Alaskan vehicle looking its best, from How to Maintain Your Car’s Leather to Using the Right Towels at the Car Wash.

Now we’re talking it one step further when cleaning the interior of your Alaskan vehicle and letting you in on how to vacuum your car, the right way!

Vacuuming your car allows you to remove dirt and dust particles from every nook and cranny which is especially important if you drive a family car or simply haven’t given your car the TLC it needs in a while.

Vacuuming Your Car 101

Where should you start? Choose a vacuum with attachments that will allow you to get into tricky places like floor corners, and even inside your console. If possible, opt for a handheld vacuum for convenience and keep it in your vehicle for more frequent cleanings.

Next Steps

Before you can begin, start by taking out all of your belongings, including all trash, sunglasses, emergency kits, and any documents kept in your glovebox or console.

Remove the floor mats as dirt and food particles can get trapped under them and you won’t be able to reach them with the vacuum. Shake the mats outside to remove any loose particles, then use the vacuum to remove the embedded material.

Move on to vacuuming your seats and interior, first without any attachments. If you find that debris is caught in the line in your seats, use the narrow vacuum head attachment to remove it.

Among your attachments should be a soft brush that you can use to vacuum your dashboard, steering wheel, doors, and visors.

Next, switch to the wide attachment to vacuum the floorboards and remember to move the seats forward and back to catch any hidden particles! You might need to add the narrow vacuum attachment to get the area in and around your pedals.

Repeat the same steps with your trunk or hatch area, first shaking out the mats and using the wide attachment to give the area a once-over before moving on to the narrow attachment to remove any embedded dirt and debris.

Thoroughly cleaning your Alaskan vehicle not only helps prolong the life of your car, but allows you to feel better in it! Stop by Sudzy Salmon this week to give your vehicle a little attention!

See you at the wash!

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