We’ve shared in past blog posts, Why Rain Is Not the Same as a Car Wash and Why You Should Wash Under Your Vehicle, but how about how many times to wash your car

If you’re a Sudzy Salmon Unlimited member, you might find you visit the car wash once or twice a week (maybe more!) and ask yourself if that schedule is too harsh for your car. Well, we put it to the test and we’re happy to share that you’re in good hands!

Three to five washes a week may be too many for most, but the owner of Sudzy Salmon washes his car regularly across all locations (Eagle River, Wasilla, Palmer, Anchorage), to ensure they are maintaining the Sudzy Standards of safe, clean, and fun.

His Dodge 1500 was purchased in 2019 when the Palmer location opened, and now has 50,000 miles. Over 4 years, and 1,000+ car washes later, it still looks like new! 

So what’s the secret?

Our best tip is to keep the dirt away with a Sudzy Salmon Unlimited membership. As we shared in Catch 22: Car Washes Don’t Scratch Your Car, They Remove Dirt, the longer your car is exposed to dirt, dust, insects, and the harsh winter weather, the more they will break down the protective barrier (IE. paint and coatings) on your car.

Choose the Silver Shine or King Wash and Wax from our Car Wash Menu—two washes that apply additional layers of protectant and sealant—and with your Sudzy Salmon Unlimited membership, you can rest assured that your vehicle is both free from dirt and the body is protected.

Another tip is to consider a detail from Auto Details annually or do it yourself to clean both the door jambs and interior. You can also consider a detailer ceramic coat from Auto Details annually.

So next time you’re wondering if you should take another trip to the car wash, don’t think twice about a visit to Sudzy Salmon— we’ve already put our own vehicles to the 1,000+ car wash test!

See you at the wash!

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