Luminaura, more than just a ceramic, is now at Sudzy Salmon!

With all of the rain we’ve been having in Alaska, it’s time to level up your vehicle with Luminaura which will keep you protected from the elements like you’ve never seen before!

This revolutionary breakthrough in car wash technology goes beyond the standard ceramic products and delivers a soft, smooth feel, and deep reflective shine. Each step covers your vehicle to ensure it stays looking its best, all thanks to a special formula that delivers the results of a clay bar as well as a hand wash and wax.

Next time you visit Sudzy Salmon and try Luminaura (we buff this in for a final coat!) with your wash for just $5, here’s what you can expect:

With your Spring Run/Silver Shine

Lum1: Clean with a little shine; removes oxidized metals, concrete dust, and hard contaminants.

With your King Wash & Wax

Lum2: Fills in about 80% of minor imperfections, smooth soft feel, water repellency and surface protectant, similar to traditional express wash ceramic.

With your King Luminaura3

Lum3: The extra 20%; more than just a ceramic.

Sudzy Salmon is constantly on the pulse of new car wash innovations and technology and we are excited to offer this cutting edge product in our Alaskan car washes!

See you at the wash!

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