It’s nearly a new year, so what better time to stop falling for these common car wash myths? You’ve likely heard a dozen of these in your life and believe it or not, they’re all false!

As your local Alaskan car wash, we’re setting the record straight on what you should know about washing your vehicle, from the products you use to polishing and waxing, to the very type of car wash you visit!

Detergent Does a Better Job at Cleaning Your Car

Regular detergents can contain harsh chemicals and abrasives which do make them ideal for cleaning grease and tough grime, however for that same reason, they can also damage your paint job over time. It’s a much better choice to use a specially formulated car wash soap, like those we use at Sudzy Salmon, to extend the life of your vehicle’s paint and protective coatings.

Washing Your Car at Home Uses Less Water

We’ve talked about this in a past blog post and this is a common car wash myth! Running a hose uses much more water than visiting a car wash that has a water reclamation system. Remember, your garden hose doesn’t have the same pressure as a car wash and during the final rinse, you could be using anywhere from 50 to 100 gallons of water in a very short amount of time.

Polishing and Waxing are Optional

You might think these are just unnecessary steps in washing your Alaskan vehicle, but they are essential to maintaining your car’s paint job. Car polish is used to prepare the surface for waxing by removing paint defects and creating an even surface, while wax prevents dirt, debris, and pollutants from adhering to your car’s clear coat.

Car Washes are Too Expensive

While it sounds better, in theory, to wash your car by hand, you could be harming your vehicle and the environment (by way of water run-off) more than taking a spin through your local Alaska car wash. For the most cost-effective option, consider Going Unlimited at Sudzy Salmon and visit our car wash as much as you’d like!

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See you at the wash!

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