We’ve shared many ways to keep your Alaskan vehicle looking its best—including visiting Sudzy Salmon regularly, of course—like How to Maintain Your Car’s Leather and 6 Ways to Keep the Interior Clean.

Now let’s dive into it a little deeper and look at the Top 3 stains found in Alaskan vehicles and what you can do about them!

Coffee Stains

Did you know coffee is the top stain found in vehicle interiors across the country? But don’t worry too much if you spill your morning cup on your seats. The first step is to blot the coffee as quickly as possible since cleaning a fresh coffee stain is much easier than old, dried coffee. Use a spray upholstery cleaner or a mixture of one third vinegar, two thirds water, and a few squirts of dish soap to clean the stain and then rinse with clean water. Continue to blot the area until no more brown coffee stains appear on your towel.

If a stale coffee stain still remains, you can sprinkle baking soda on the area and vacuum up the excess.

Food Stains

We’re all guilty of eating in the car from time to time, especially if you have kids! Just like coffee stains on car upholstery, the best first step is to blot as much of the stain as quickly as you can. Use a dedicated car upholstery cleaner or a mixture of equal parts dish soap and water to apply to the stain. Scrub the stain with a brush and use a microfiber towel with clean water to rinse. You can then use a hair dryer on a low setting to dry.

Pet Stains

When you visit Sudzy Salmon’s Dog Wash, you can bet your pup will be clean but they often leave behind their own messes in Alaskan vehicles! Your best bet to clean pet stains from vehicle upholstery is a roll of paper towels to blot excess moisture or liquid, club soda, and a pet enzyme cleaner!

If you don’t have pet enzyme cleaner on hand, you can use equal parts white vinegar (tested in a small area to check for reactions on fabric) and water. For any lingering smell, baking soda and a vacuum should do the trick, while hydrogen peroxide can also help to disinfect!

See you at the wash!

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