Chances are you’ve gone a little too long without a car wash in the past and allowed dirt, grime, and grease to build up on your vehicle. While it may have simply been a timing issue and you couldn’t get yourself to the wash to rinse away months of wear, it’s important to make note of why you should keep your Alaskan car clean— if you want it to perform and look its best, of course!

To Remove Sand and Gravel

Especially as we head into the colder months, you’ll want to make sure you visit our local car wash to wash away gravel and sand used on the roads. The only way to remove all of the particles that cover your car while driving during the winter is to have your car washed from all angles, including the underbody!

To Avoid Body Damage

It’s no secret that dirt can be damaging to the body of your vehicle. Constant exposure to typical dirt, dust, insects, and bird droppings can break down the protective barrier (IE. paint and coatings) on your car. Keeping your car washed can lessen the effect these everyday elements have on your vehicle.

To Drive Safer

If you’ve ever had dirt and dust on your windshield, you know that your visibility can be quickly compromised. The last thing you want is to prevent yourself from being able to clearly see out of your windows or mirrors when driving! A car wash is one of the easiest (and fastest!) ways to ensure your car’s surfaces stay clear.

For Fuel Efficiency

Did you know that clean cars have better fuel efficiency than dirty cars? MythBusters did an entire experiment on the theory and found that  distributed dirt particles on a car actually create more drag as air particles hang onto them. According to the MythBusters experiment, a dirty car can reduce fuel economy by 10 percent!

To Go Green

As we explained in a past blog post, washing your car at home is not so great for the environment. In fact, you’ll save more water at the car wash than you would by cleaning your car in your driveway! It is better for the environment to collect the suds in a car wash than allowing them to run off into the grass, the sidewalk, or into storm drains. When a car wash is completed, the wash’s drain will collect the used water—most of it reclaimed—as opposed to letting it travel into other environmentally unsafe areas.

There are many reasons to keep your car clean, one of the most obvious being that you will keep your car looking fresh and new! What could be better than that? We hope to see you at the wash!

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