We’ve all heard it before— “be carefulcar washes scratch your car!” While we’ve debunked this common car wash myth in past blog posts—even sharing why hybrid tunnel car washes are better than touchless car washes—you’ll want to remember, it’s a Catch 22 of sorts. Car washes don’t scratch your car, it’s about the dirt they clean off!

You’ll want to set aside your fear of scratching your car in the wash and here’s why! As we go into the winter months, the worst thing you can do is allow your car to stay dirty for extended periods of time. Not only does it make your vehicle harder to clean and more likely to scratch, but the longer your car is exposed to dirt, dust, insects, and the harsh winter weather, the more they will break down the protective barrier (IE. paint and coatings) on your car. Keeping your car washed can lessen the effect these everyday elements have on your vehicle.

And while you may be convinced you can do an A+ job cleaning your car on your own, you’ll want to resist using that hard bristle broom, handheld brush, or ice scraper as these are the worst culprits for scratching your vehicle!

Instead, take a visit to Sudzy Salmon Car Wash in Eagle River and drive through our tunnel! Our modern tunnel wash is superior to touchless car washes, and especially hand-washing in the winter. We use humans with pressure washers in a controlled environment to remove the big stuff, before sending your vehicle through a high pressure wash, followed by a friction wash with closed cell foam cloth which does not hold dirt, and finally, a high pressure rinse. We do this to ensure the dirt film is removed before we apply clearcoat protectant or high-end carnauba waxes to protect your vehicle from the next layer of dirt.

It may seem ironic, but coming once or twice a week makes your vehicle easier to clean and cuts down on the likelihood of scratching. With Sudzy Salmon’s friction wash, we are able to remove the dirt film using less caustic chemicals than your average touchless car wash— just ask Mercedes! The below image is directly from the Mercedes manual!
Take this analogy for example. When you shower, do you use soap and lather up, or pour heavy chemicals on your head in an effort to burn off the dirt? Chances are you’d choose the same for your vehicle!

Come down to Sudzy Salmon Car Wash in Eagle River and experience a Hybrid Tunnel Car Wash that’s much easier on your car than the typical touchless wash! We’ll see you soon!

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