Spring has sprung and it’s time to give everything a thorough cleaning to scrub off the effects of a long, cold, harsh Alaskan winter. Not only does that mean cleaning your home from top to bottom, but your vehicle should be a top priority for your spring cleaning tasks too! Of course, you’ll want to visit our Sudzy Salmon car wash to wash off the dirt and grime of winter, but we’ve included below a few more ways to spring clean your Alaskan vehicle this season.

Remove Winter Tires

If you swapped out your tires for something more equipped to handle the winter, now is the time to change them once more. Your winter tires should be swapped for all-season tires as leaving the winter tires on can cause damage to your car over time. For instance, winter tires often are made with a rubber compound that can wear down fast when used on roads clear of snow and ice. When roads are clear and dry, it’s best to use all-season tires.

Clean Under the Hood

You may think spring cleaning your Alaskan vehicle applies only to your car’s exterior, but think again! You will want to check under the hood and clear off any dirt and debris that could harm your engine. Use a simple solution of soap and water to clean your engine—when it is off and battery cables are removed—and dry it off to ensure the water doesn’t reach sensitive areas.

Clean Car Vents

Car vents may seem difficult to clean, but they can hold the most dirt and dust—not to mention smell—so it’s important to give them attention when necessary. Here’s a hot tip: Grab one of those foam painting brushes (inexpensive at the hardware store!) and use them to clean out your car vents. Not only are they small and pliable, but they can get into those tough-to-reach spots of the vents where dust is preventing clean, fresh air from coming through!

Remove Bugs from the Grill

Long days of driving through the fall and winter weather can tend to attract bugs to your car’s grill— and they can be quite tricky to remove! Another great tip? Use dryer sheets to remove bugs from your car’s grill! They wipe off bugs easily and without any special solution or spray!

Clean Your Floor Mats

Dirty winter shoes can leave your vehicle’s floor mats looking a little dingy, so make sure you schedule your 30-minute Express Detail appointment at Sudzy Salmon soon to take care of them, plus much more! Here’s what our 30-minute Express Detail includes:

  • Vacuum
  • Wash Floor Mats
  • Leather Treatment plus conditioner
  • High-Pressure Air and Paintbrush Clean and Dust Difficult Spots
  • Plastic Treatment
  • Interior Windows
  • Wipe Down Door Jams

Don’t forget about your vehicle when you get into the spring cleaning mood! You’ll want to use these 5 tips for a fresher looking (and smelling!) vehicle, in addition to taking a drive through Sudzy Salmon’s wash tunnel and scheduling your 30-minute Express Detailing when we open it up again for the season!

See you at the wash!

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