Everyone loves that new car smell, not to mention the shininess of that new car paint job! Unfortunately, both of these can start to fade rather quickly if you don’t keep up on your Alaskan car’s maintenance schedule. You may think you’re taking excellent care of your car by taking it for a spin through car wash once in a while, but trust us, that is just one task of many that will keep your car smelling and looking brand new.

Below are four ways to keep your Alaska car brand new— one of which, of course, is visiting us at our Sudzy Salmon Car Wash here in Eagle River AK!

Wash Your Car

If you don’t already, make a mental note that it is wise to wash your car weekly! Especially if your vehicle is constantly splattered with dirt, bugs, and wear from rain, snow, and ice, you will want to take a trip to your Alaska car wash to keep the stains away from your paint job. If your vehicle doesn’t have much contact with these dirt factors, you can get away with washing your vehicle every other week. Just be careful not to push it out too far (like a month!) unless you don’t drive your car much at all.

Wax Your Car

Car wax can keep your vehicle looking spotless and new like you just drove it off the lot! Waxing your car also protects it from the elements we mentioned above that can cause minor damage and affect its resale value. Jot it down on your calendar or set an alert on your phone to wax your car once every three months. One way to tell you need to wax your car? Drop water on it and see if the water beads up. If it doesn’t, it’s time!

Clean the Seats

We mentioned in a recent blog post that one of the most common places to hold odor in your car is the seats. If you have kids, pets, or food that frequently ride with you in your Alaska car, you should vacuum the interior weekly. If you have leather seats, you’ll want to condition the leather at least every three months to keep it in tip top shape. If you are particularly hard on your car (or your kids or pets are!), you might want to move that up to every two months.

Clean the Engine Bay

You’ve probably not thought about cleaning this part of your car as a means to keep it looking and feeling brand new, but it is one of the most important tasks! By washing the engine bay, you will help keep your car running longer. Washing the engine bay every three months will help to prevent build up from snow, dust, and dirt.

We’re here to help keep your Alaskan vehicle clean and fresh and feeling new, so make it a point to take a regular trip to the Sudzy!

See you at the wash!

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