Summer is the season for travel! Chances are you’ve probably taken at least one trip by now, even if you stayed in the same state! But, the real question is, did you make sure your car was fully prepared for your summer vacation before you hit the gas? So many of us tend to put car maintenance on the back burner—and often before a big trip—that we could find ourselves in a sticky situation while away from home.

If you have a summer vacation coming up yet this season or plan to road trip in the next few months, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is prepped before you hit the road! Below are 5 Car Care Prep Tips to Follow Before Traveling and while you’re at it, why not hit the Sudzy Salmon too so you know your vehicle is as clean as possible for your getaway?

1. Check Your Tires

Perhaps the most important of all car care tips before a road trip! Since outside air temperatures rise during the summer months, this can cause tire pressure to rise as well. Here’s a good rule of thumb to remember: For every 10 degree increase in temperatures, your tire pressure will increase by one pound.

This rise in temperatures can lead to more chances of blowout on the road due to overinflated tires. Not to mention, if your tire tread is too worn down, you could find yourself hydroplaning during a big rain. The moral of the story? Always check your tires before leaving town!

2. Change Your Oil

It’s the oil in your vehicle that keeps it running smoothly, so when you don’t replace it, that dirt and grime can cause the engine to work harder and eventually, overheat. Avoid breakdowns on your vacation by sticking to a regular schedule of oil changes or every three months. If you rack up mileage faster in the summer, change the oil more often and always have it checked before a road trip.

3. Replace Wipers

If you’ve not replaced your wipers since winter ended, now is the time! Winter can be harsh on wipers with the snow and freezing temperatures and that can cause them to crack, crumble, and tear. Remember to replace your wipers before a trip just in case you encounter any summer thunderstorms along the way!

4. Check A/C

Maybe you’ve experienced it before, but traveling when your A/C is out is never fun! Traveling with family when the A/C goes out is also not something you want to endure if you can help it! If you’ve noticed your A/C is not getting cold enough, there could be a leak somewhere, so it’s best to have it checked before you head out of town.

5. Check the Brakes

The last thing you want is to be driving toward your vacation destination and your brakes stop working! Failing to check this important feature of your vehicle could cause serious damage, so if something doesn’t sound or feel right when you’re braking, check your brakes immediately. Do not hit the road if you feel your brakes are not functioning properly or could stand to be replaced. This is often overlooked, but always do it beforehand!

Enjoy your trip and we’ll see you at the wash!

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