At Sudzy Salmon Car Wash, we have great options for cleaning your vehicle! We offer three packages—the King Wash & Wax, the Silver Shine, and the Spring Run—that all include top quality and total convenience, from the comfort of your car. But when you need to give your car a little spruce, we’re also happy to provide car care tips right here our blog!

If you have tinted car windows, there are a few extra steps you should take to ensure the proper clean. Below we’ve outlined tips for How to Clean Tinted Car Windows, so keep scrolling and keep them in mind as you clean your vehicle this summer!

Wash in the Shade

Always wash your windows in the shade to avoid water spots. Washing out of direct sunlight allows things to dry slower, which of course makes your job easier, and helps your car look its best.

Use a Microfiber Towel

Remember to use a microfiber towel when washing your tinted windows. These towels can absorb a lot of water, plus they’re the softest for your windows. Be sure to avoid paper or abrasive cotton when wiping down your windows for the best results. You should use one towel for applying your cleaning solution and a separate towel to dry, using as much pressure as you can to force away the cleaner film that can be left over.

Use Ammonia-Free Soap

If you have tinted windows, you’ll note that the tint is typically applied on the inside of the windows as opposed to the outside. In order to properly clean them, you will want to use ammonia-free soap which is much better than any alternatives when it comes to washing any part of your car. Apply the soap to the inside of the windows with a microfiber cloth (avoiding the edges of the tint if possible) and after the entire window has been covered, be sure to dry it right away.

Fix Bubbles

If you notice any bubbles in your window tint, you can use a heat gun to fix small areas where they are visible. You can also try using a credit card wrapped in a soft cloth to force the air out toward the edge of the windows.

Park in the Shade

If possible, try to park in the shade or in a garage to keep your window tint lasting the longest.

Summer is the season for travel, so make sure your car is clean before you head out to your destination! We’re here to take care of that for you!

See you at the wash!

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