It’s warming up in Alaska and that means more car rides (road trips, anyone?) with the windows down and enjoying the sunshine! Maybe you’re traveling solo, with your kids, or taking a cruise with your pets— regardless, you’ll want to read these summer car tips that will keep everyone happy no matter how long or short your distance will be.

Keep reading for 5 Alaska summer car tips that will come in handy this season!

1. Stay in the shade
Not many people enjoy getting into a hot car with the sun blaring through the windows, so here’s what you need to do. Purchase a sun shade for your vehicle (yes, one of those reflective shades that spans across your dash will work!) to keep your car from overheating inside or drive the extra block to park in the shade. You’ll be much cooler when the time comes to get back in the car, but you’ll also avoid the sun damaging the interior of your vehicle over time.

2. Keep your wheel cool
Like we mentioned above, a hot car is not ideal, not to mention a hot steering wheel! How many times have you gotten in your car in the summer only to grab a steering wheel that’s searing hot to the touch? To avoid this, rotate your steering wheel 180 degrees when you park. This way, when you grab your steering wheel to drive, your hands will touch the part that’s been shaded.

3. Cool down your engine
When the temperatures start to rise, you can only imagine how hot it must be inside your engine where your car works the hardest. Make sure you keep your engine cool by checking all of the coolant levels or having your vehicle serviced the next time it’s in for an oil change or other routine maintenance.

4. Cool the interior quickly
When it’s warm outside and you get into the car, you reach for the A/C and only hope that it cools the interior down quickly. Here’s a hot tip: Your car will cool down even quicker if you blast the A/C with the windows down, which will then blow out all of the hot air inside. Roll the windows up and enjoy your cool ride much faster than just waiting for the A/C to do its job!

5. Keep an eye on tire pressure
As temperatures rise, you run a bigger risk for blowing a tire! Keep an eye on your tire pressure, making sure they are properly filled at all times. At least once a month, you should use a manual tire gauge to check the pressure.

We’re glad summer’s here and we look forward to helping keep your vehicles (and dogs!) clean all season long!

See you at the wash!

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