Keeping your vehicle protected from the elements should be a priority no matter the season. After all, attention to upkeep is the key to many miles of stress-free driving and car ownership!

But when it comes to waxing your Alaskan vehicle, there is often a question if it should be done when the snow and ice hits. Should you wax your vehicle in the winter months?

The answer is YES!

The winter months can be especially harsh on your car and it’s important to provide your vehicle with the extra TLC and protection it needs during this time of year. Waxing is what can give your car that added layer of protection and keep it looking its best!

We have an entire blog post on Reasons to Keep Your Car Clean and what many vehicle owners don’t realize is that while winter elements may look clean, they can make your car look the dirtiest.

It is this winter precipitation that when mixed with acidity in dirt and minerals on the vehicle that can cause rust— a car owner’s nemesis! Rust is known to eat away at the protective coating on the vehicle’s paint job and can also damage its metal frame.

One quick way to get your vehicle wax in this winter is to visit Sudzy Salmon! On our Wash Menu, you’ll find our King Wash & Wax, which includes a Premium Clean and Wax.

Remember to take extra care of your vehicle during these winter months in Alaska!

See you at the wash!

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