If you have a car wash on your to-do list this week or are thinking about your next visit Sudzy Salmon, you might be interested to know— there are ideal times to wash your car.

For instance, did you know it’s best to clean your car in Alaska when the sun is low in the sky? This means, you might want to take a trip to the car wash later in the day or early in the morning (we’re open 8 AM to 8 PM Monday through Saturday!).

Best Time to Wash

You also might like to think about making a trip to the Sudzy on a cloudy day to avoid wait times. The fact is fewer people tend to wash their cars when the sun is hiding. Not to mention, cleaning your car sans strong sunlight means a longer lasting paint job and holding off the damage that comes from dirt, oil, and other debris, which sun only accelerates.

And since we live in Alaska, it’s important to make sure to wash your car after winter weather. Dirt and slush from the roads can damage your vehicle’s exterior if not washed off immediately. If roads are treated with any chemicals, it could eat away at the metal, plastic, and rubber components, even your car’s paint job!

Best Day of the Week to Wash

Is there an ideal day of the week to wash your car? Most people tend to visit the car wash while running errands on or around the weekend, so try to hit the car wash Tuesday through Thursday if possible.

How Often to Wash

It is recommended to wash your car at least once a week while driving in Alaska’s winter weather, to make sure you’re cleaning off any elements that could damage the exterior.

If you’re a member of Sudzy Salmon’s Unlimited Club, you’ll know that cleaning your car more often has never been faster, easier, or more fun! It’s affordable, convenient, and stress free!

With just one low monthly renewal fee, or one annual fee, you can wash even just twice a month and save! Plus, there are no long-term contracts. Change or discontinue your plan by visiting any Sudzy Salmon Car Wash location!

Get ready for a whole new year of clean cars, Alaska!

See you at the wash!

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