If you’ve ever found yourself waiting for rain to avoid going through our local Eagle River or Palmer Alaska car wash, we have news for you— the two are not the same.

Rain is not a substitute for a car wash! But isn’t all water the same, you might ask? Not when it comes to a car wash in Alaska.

Why Rain Is Not a Car Wash

Rain can actually stop your Alaskan vehicle from getting thoroughly clean. In many cases, rain, wind, and other storm-like weather can even make cars dirtier than they were before! Wind kicks up particles from the ground and throws them onto your vehicle, which can ultimately damage, weaken paint jobs, and dirty your vehicle’s exterior.

Rain can also react with dirt already on the surface of your Alaskan vehicle and result in issues like chipped paint and corrosion.

Resulting Issues

You might also be surprised to note that normal rain is slightly acidic due to the levels of carbon dioxide present in the liquid. Rain, by nature, is more acidic than the water used in a professional car wash like Sudzy Salmon and can have a major impact on your vehicle over time.

What You Need

We’ve shared in past blog posts the Top Reasons to Get a Professional Car Wash and one of those is simply the high water pressure that allows for your Alaskan vehicle to get truly, squeaky clean. High water pressure in our Alaskan car wash helps to keep scratches and other damage at bay and remove dirt the safe way— something than rain just cannot do!

Also worth remembering? It doesn’t rain soap! Water alone cannot leave your Alaskan vehicle looking its best. Our top-rated car washes in Alaska use the proper soap to properly clean and protect your vehicle for the long haul.

See you at the wash!

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