When you visit Sudzy Salmon, you’ll choose from three options on our Wash Menu for your car wash— the Spring Run, Silver Shine, and King Wash & Wax.

Our Silver Shine and King Wash & Wax include an Underbody Flush and Underbody Rust Inhibitor which are key to keeping your vehicle running its best!

Why It Matters

We know that when you visit the car wash, typically the last thing on your mind is what the underside of your vehicle looks like— You’re only worried about how shiny the exterior looks! After all, it’s out of sight, out of mind. However, the undercarriage of a vehicle is just as important to keep clean as the outside!

Just like your car’s exterior, dirt and grime will build up over time on the underbody and begin to clog or restrict the drainage holes that are found there. A car wash can help to keep these areas clean that you might not otherwise think about or even be able to reach when cleaning your car by hand in your driveway.

What It Prevents

Cleaning your vehicle’s undercarriage is also important to prevent rust. When exposed to the elements, the metal is much more susceptible to rust and unless cleaned (and dried!) by professionals, moisture can linger on your vehicle, leaving a less-than-ideal outcome. To keep your vehicle from breaking down at a faster rate due to rust (and hurt your resale value in the long run), it is wise to opt for a professional wash that focuses a bit more on rust prevention.

What to Do Next

You can count on Sudzy Salmon to clean your vehicle from top to bottom— including the undercarriage! Our top-rated Alaskan car wash goes the extra mile to keep your car clean and protected for the long haul.

See you at the wash!

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