Did you know the right towels are a key part of the ideal Alaskan car wash? It’s true! Clean car wash towels can help your vehicle remove excess grime and dirt and keep scratches at bay.

At Sudzy Salmon, we have a Clean Towel Program in our Alaska car washes which provides customers with clean wash towels to finish their mirrors, windows, and vehicle body. After detailing your vehicle, simply toss the towel into the Towel Return, and repeat!

It’s always best to use one towel for your vehicle’s interior and one for the exterior to keep your car looking its best. After all, interior towels will pick up crumbs, liquid spills and residue, as well as dirt, sand, and grass tracked inside. You don’t want to use that same towel on your vehicle’s exterior as you could damage the finish. On the flip side, using an exterior towel for your car’s interior could mean waxes and sealants leave smudging that is difficult to remove.

If detailing your Alaskan vehicle at home, try to reach for microfiber towels over terrycloth. Terrycloth towels tend to create lint when washed and dried which will stick to the interior and exterior surfaces of your car. Microfiber tends to attract more dirt and absorb more liquid, leaving a much cleaner finish.

When cleaning your microfiber car wash towels, always use the warm or hot water setting to remove as much dirt as possible for the next use. It is also recommended to use your regular detergent in the washing machine with the towels, but add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to help dissolve any wax or car care products used inside or outside of your vehicle.

When drying, be sure to use the lowest heat setting and do not iron as high heat can melt the polyester in the towels. This can damage your towels, reduce their effectiveness, and potentially damage your car if used after high heat.

Be sure to give your vehicle the proper care and attention it deserves— including a regular car wash and clean towels from Sudzy Salmon!

See you at the wash!

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