There’s no doubt with these dropping temperatures that winter is nearly here! Soon enough, we’ll all be trudging through the snow and ice and dreaming of the day when it all thaws again. But since we’re in for a long winter here in Alaska (we now have car wash locations in both Eagle River and Palmer!), we’ve rounded up our six best tips for preparing your vehicle for the season right now!

Whether you’re planning a winter trip or could simply use to show your car a little TLC before Jack Frost shows up, you’ll want to save these winter car care tips below!

Clean the Exterior of Your Car
Many people neglect cleaning their cars during the winter months, when in reality, there’s never a more important time! It might feel like the holiday season leaves you with few spare minutes (or extra money!), but Sudzy Salmon offers affordable car wash packages year-round. With our Wash Menu, you can choose from three packages that fit your needs: King Wash & Wax, Silver Shine, or Spring Run. We’ll make sure there is no inch of your car left untouched.

Plus, if you join the Sudzy Club, you can even get a FREE wash on your birthday!

Clean the Interior of Your Car
Gear up for a season of travel and time spent bundled up on your way to work, school, or elsewhere in Alaska! Take a few minutes to clean the inside of your windows, wipe down the dash and console, and of course, vacuum your floor mats that might be littered with dirt, grime, and debris.

Fill Up The Fluids
Making sure your vehicle’s fluids are all properly filled is key to keeping your vehicle running smoothly during the winter. Wiper fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid are all an integral part of a well-functioning vehicle. After all, driving on slippery roads during the winter means that your transmission is working harder than usual. You’ll want to check that the transmission is in tip-top shape and top off any fluids if they are low now.

Replace Filters
Just like we mentioned to fill up your car’s fluids, you’ll want to check on the oil, fuel, and air filters too. These affect how your engine runs and with a less-than-efficient engine, you can end up burning more gas than necessary.

Replace Old Blades
No one likes driving in winter conditions with wipers that don’t clear your windows! In Alaska, you might want to purchase rubber-clad wiper blades that fight ice build-up in the winter months. You’ll also do well to remember to always store your ice scraper in your car!

Check the Battery
Have you ever experienced a dead car battery in the middle of winter? It’s no fun! Make sure your battery has enough life left in it to get you through an Alaskan winter and if not, take care to replace it now!

See you at the wash!

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