Everyone wants a spot-free shine on their Alaskan vehicle and while taking a spin through the Sudzy Salmon Car Wash tunnel (open in both Eagle River and Palmer!) is always your best bet, sometimes you need a few pointers for helping your car to look its best.

Window spots are a common problem for vehicles on the road in Alaska. Caused by water, these spots can still be present even after a towel dry! If you find yourself dealing with these often, below are three tips you can follow to steer clear of them in the future:

Avoid Storing Your Car in the Elements

You may not always be able to store your car in the garage, under a carport, or out of the snow and rain, but look for some type of car cover if you desire to rule out window spots. The repeated effects of the elements, without a visit to the car wash, can take a toll on your paint job.

Get a Car Wash

Everything from salt accumulation to exposure to snow and mineral build-up from washing your car without filtered water can contribute to window spots. If your vehicle is older or the paint is in poor condition, oxidation may have occurred and water spots and stains can be more difficult to remove. Frequenting the car wash is the best way to make sure window spots stay away and your paint job stays in its best possible shape.

Keep a Towel in Your Car

In between trips to Sudzy Salmon, you’ll want to keep your vehicle as dry as possible. Keep a towel handy to wipe away any water you encounter, for instance, a sprinkler system or light drizzle. Keep your vehicle dry will prevent water spots from forming.

We’re happy to help keep your Alaskan vehicles clean and fresh! Be sure to stop by one of our two locations in Eagle River or Palmer now!

See you at the wash!

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