There are dozens of reasons to clean your vehicle regularly—paying a visit to your local Sudzy Salmon Car Wash—and we’ve detailed them for you in previous blog posts.

The benefits of visiting your local Alaska car wash run the gamut from saving time and money to saving water and even using less gas, but perhaps one of the most important is protecting your car against rust.

Rust can eat away at any vehicle if not properly cared for and we’re breaking it all down for you below!

What is rust?

Rust is a chemical compound that occurs when three things are present: oxygen, iron, and water. When water hits the iron of your vehicle, it breaks down the metal into two parts: water and oxygen. The oxygen then dissolves into the iron and causes what we all know to be rust.

The tricky part? If rust is not removed or your car is not taken care of over time, rust can easily take over your entire vehicle!

How do you prevent it?

Rust can occur any time there is iron and water present and while your Alaskan vehicle’s paint job is supposed to protect from such issues like rust or UV damage, if the vehicle is dirty, it can wear away that protective coating.

One of the easiest ways to prevent rust from occurring is by regularly washing your vehicle. You can also use a rust inhibitor which will slow the oxidation process in metals.

Why a car wash?

A car wash—like our Sudzy Salmon Car Wash now open in Eagle River and Palmer—will remove the elements on your vehicle that can lead to rust. A proper car wash can also help to keep (and renew!) the protective coating on the paint.

There are many perks to keeping your car clean in Alaska, so let Sudzy Salmon give you a hand!

See you at the wash!

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