When it comes to vehicles in Alaska, not everyone parks theirs in the garage. Maybe your garage isn’t large enough to store your vehicle, maybe you use your garage for storage instead, or maybe you don’t have a garage at all. Whatever the reason, you might want to reconsider where your car lives when it’s not in use as a garage is actually the best place for it!

Below are eight reasons you should park your Alaskan vehicle in a garage and they just might have you clearing space for your car when all is said and done!

Protects from scratches

When you park your car in the garage, you are saving it from dings and scratches from both the elements and other vehicles. For instance, a falling tree branch or even hail could scratch up your car in a hurry!

Protects from the elements

We live in Alaska— you know by now that winter elements can take a toll on your car! Rain, snow, and wind can all break down your car’s protective coating over time and damage the paint, even contributing to rust! Parking your car inside eliminates this risk.

Protects from theft

Leaving your car outside all night, or even during the day, means its more susceptible to vandalism and theft. Parking your car in the garage cuts down on the temptation of thieves that might want to harm your vehicle.

Preserves value

As you may have guessed, parking your car indoors eleiminates the risk of damage from the elements and other vehicles, which in turn, preserves its resale value. Cars parked indoors generally look better than those that do not. After all, a roof over its head will keep your car in tip top shape!

Lowers insurance costs

Did you know that parking your car in the garage can lower your overall insurance costs? It’s true! Some insurance companies offer a lower insurance cost for those that park in a garage.

Engine runs better

When your car is kept warm—I.E. parking in a garage—its fluids and oils are kept in stable condition. This means that your engine will actually run better than a vehicle that is left outdoors.

Faster heating and cooling

Don’t you hate when the temperatures dip low and it takes your car a while to heat up? Or in the summer months and you’re stuck waiting for the A/C to really kick in? When you park in the garage, your heating and cooling will actually work faster!

Better visibility

Parking in the garage means no more scraping ice off of your windshield or brushing snow off of your car in the winter! Your windows are automatically clear. This can cut down time from your morning routine when you’re rushing out the door and then have to clean off the car!

Parking in the garage is generally better for your Alaskan vehicle, but if you find your car could use a wash from sitting outdoors or just needs a little spruce— Sudzy Salmon is here to help!

See you at the wash!

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